December 2014………

 Christmas in paradise…………

XC_beach Thank you to all my new and returning customers.  It has been a pleasure working with each and every one of you.  The season has been busy and tremendously fun!  I’m packing pieces off to the Netherlands and across the U.S.A. to brighten walls and bring smiles to lots of faces!


Support the arts!  A gift of art, an art museum membership, or tickets to a performing arts event make especially wonderful presents!

If you are short on cards you can still shop mangroves and mangoes or d.a.gordon dart online.  If you are in Sarasota, stop by the studio.  We still have a number of cards, ornaments, mugs and of course the extra special gift bags and eco – Good Bags!


I send warm wishes to all for a peaceful and happy season of giving and sharing and unlimited opportunities in the new year to offer change and make a difference.

I personally plan to relish the coming days, finish some long overdue commissions, cut some fantastic sculptures and with any luck,  break ground on a new home!


OH….and of note…… soon to be released book…………


Thank you Fiona Green and the Edinburgh University Press for selecting one of my New Yorker drawings for the cover design.  Look for a copy at your favorite bookstore soon!


December is upon us ……………Gotta say I’m thankful to have finished my last custom illustration order last week.  Now it’s time to finish a few overdue paintings and enjoy the spirit of the season!

If you are looking for a unique card to send this year….I created a few new ones that I’m especially fond of.  To view these and more go to mangroves and mangoes and d.a.grodon dart at Zazzle.


Remember, you can customize the cards with your own message inside.  You can even add a photo and a year-end catch up letter! It is quite amazing what you can do with the cards or, short on time? Just order the cards as they are.




 Sometimes its hard for an artist to let go of a creation.  Walter the rabbit just keeps multiplying and I keep inventing roles to pose him in.  I’m rather fond of the “Jitterbug” and “Walter’s Frolics” pictured below.

"Jitterbug" - aluminum - 5'x 6.6.'
“Jitterbug” – aluminum
"Walter's Frolics" - aluminum
“Walter’s Frolics” – aluminum

I designed the rabbit in the summer of 2009.  The first piece was hand cut from aluminum plate and was being hand sanded, buffed and powder coated the week Walter Cronkite died.  Thus the name Walter.  In some odd way the name fit and it reminds me every time I am confronted with one of the sculptures, or when I go back to work on a new pose, of the impact an exceptional newsperson can have on your memories of events through a lifetime.