Sculpture portfolio

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Aside from doodling and drawing I have been busy sketching, designing, cutting templates and engineering a number of wildly crazy new sculptures. I’ve found fabricators here in California that I am working with along with the fantastic guys in Florida that have done stellar work for me for years!

Aluminum plate and mild steel are my preferred metals for these pieces. The thickness of the plate ranges from 1/4″ to 1/2″ depending on the application. Each design is drawn in detail then loaded into the computer that directs the water jet to precisely cut it.

raw sculptures

The metal pieces are carefully smoothed and any necessary welding fabrication is completed at this stage.

The brilliant color is achieved after the metal is washed, powder coated and top coated giving a lasting, very weather tolerant finish similar to your car’s finish.


Here are some of my newest crazy, colorful pieces…………..Click on them for more details…….

SHEEEEP – Huntley of the team “Huntley & Brinkley” is the first to debut in the SHEEEEP Series.

They can be a herd or a flock or simply the appearance of one or maybe two.



They multiply!

ricardo peckettes

Ricardo & The Peckettes

Separate or together these feathered friends are quite an ensemble.

And…..coming soon are some amazing goats!