Mild & Stainless Steel & Crushed Shell – 16′ – Rosemary District – Central Avenue – Sarasota, FL – 1996

“Community”  depicts the evolution of one of Sarasota’s earliest neighborhoods.  The area stretching along a high ridge overlooking the bay was settled by African Americans in the late 1800’s.  It  became known as Black Bottom and was later renamed Overtown. Two churches anchored the community for years. The neighborhood fell into decline and, by the mid 1950’s, the City had demolished most of its houses and buildings. The rehabilitation of the A.M.E. church building in the 1990’s spurred the revitalization of the neighborhood and a new name, The Rosemary District.

The sculpture was commissioned by Ball Construction and installed with the help of the residents of the community in 1996.  

A silly sidenote – The sculpture was nicknamed – The Woody Harrelson Memorial in 1997 when Harrelson ran head on into the piece while in town filming “Palmetto.” The injury delayed production.