acrylic       Camelopardalis       30 x40

Varnished and delivered just weeks ago, the painting has a spectacular home in a contemporary setting overlooking Sarasota Bay. 

 The style is not my typical whimsical portrayal of animals.  The graceful lines of the giraffe begged for a bit more seriousness while the tick birds gave me a chance to add a touch of whimsy.  The real fun came in creating a visual, entertaining contrast between the leopard-like pattern of the giraffes and the landscape.

A very small edition of pigment prints is available of the painting.  These can be printed on canvas or paper.

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YES,  I do have a good selection of cards at the studio and Yes, I can order small and large quantities with FREE shipping directly to you.

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Click here to view card details and see the entire 2015 Christmas / Holiday Collection.


Something NEW this season……………


Introducing the ornament card.  It’s a 5″ round card on 120lb eggshell finish paper stock.  The card is hole punched for hanging on the Christmas tree and comes with a colorful ribbon and envelopes. Sorry, it’s ONLY AVAILABLE as a custom order from Dart Studio.


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And…..now for the sea creatures!  My drawings for the Association of Zoos and Aquariums 2015 Directors Conference are now available on cards and gifts.  The Jelly fish, Eagle ray, Mako shark, Sea turtle and even the weirdly cool Cuttle fish are in print.


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Thank you Amy!  This was so much fun!

My art has been reproduced in a variety of ways but this may be the most interesting and tasty to date….

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And last, and most important, I’d like to wish everyone a very special Thanksgiving shared with family and friends!