This installation will most certainly brighten a neighborhood. Good it doesn’t come with audio! Ricardo is six foot tall and quite handsome………..He’s been a labor love. He is paired with the Pickettes, two rather gorgeous hens.

I designed him a number of years ago for a public installation that never happened. This year I was thrilled to be commissioned to fabricate him for a private installation.

Original public design

I had a few challenges though to overcome with this one. I had to re-engineer the pieces to suit a residential site and because of the pandemic I had to work remotely.

The designs and vector drawings I produced on my computer went via email across the country to my metal fabricators in Florida. They fed my designs into the control system of a waterjet machine that precisely cut sheets of aluminum into the parts of the sculpture.

A Pickette leaning against the waterjet pool

It’s quite a fantastic process and there is no room for error in the drawings. It cuts exactly what it sees! I was on pins and needles awaiting the assembly of the raw parts! So relieved they came together without a hitch!

Ricardo in the raw

The sculpture parts are now off to be powder coated. From there my installer takes over, assembles, delivers and carefully installs on the site.

The powder coating came off beautifully and the trial assembly was a success!

The installation is scheduled for this week!