What inspires me to create?

Elephant illustrations……….A very dear friend’s daughter’s first child is due in May and I wanted to create something quite special for her.  Her gift registry indicated a fondness for animals, and particularly elephants, so I began drawing.  If that was not enough motivation, at the same time I was offered an invitation to visit the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation in Central Florida.  What a spectacular research, reproduction, and retirement facility for Asian elephants.  Violet and Ellie, and many more big and small elephants, have joined my drawing pads and computer.  I’m sure you will see more of them!


Elephants_5-mugToday the illustrations are appearing on greeting cards and more are available through mangroves and mangoes Zazzle shop.


Historical paintings…… Sarasota’s Federal Building was dedicated twice, stood as a backdrop for rallies, and was the site for a memorable Vietnam War demonstration.  It’s architecture stands out in a city dominated by less formal Mediterranean Revival and Vernacular buildings.

federalbldgThe tug for me to finish executing this painting is the opportunity to set it in time by linking it to an event or events that took place there.


Giraffes………..A cousin of mine remarked how he has a special love of giraffes.  His affection for the animal surprised me and piqued my curiosity to look more closely at this creature which immediately led to doodling, then drawing the animal, and who knows what will evolve from my sketches……..

Giraffes-copyThank goodness inspiration comes often from so many directions offering me great fun and challenge every day.