The SHEEEEP Arrive at Mauritson Winery

“Huntley & Brinkley” lead off a new series of sculptures – The SHEEEEP! These irresistible, happy guys were welcomed by the Mauritson Winery owners and staff just in time for the 2021 harvest.

This family winery is well known for creating superb wines. One in particular makes these guys, well Huntley for sure, an appropriate addition – It’s Clay Mauritson’s Black Sheep Zin. And yes, there is a great story behind it!

Cut from heavy aluminum plate and finished with a hard shell powder coating, these guys will endure all kinds of weather and bring smiles forever!

There is even a Little SHEEEEP guarding the wine in Mauritson’s tasting room!

The SHEEEEP Series has a herd of colorful ewes and rams looking to graze almost anywhere. Huntley & Brinkley stand 4 feet tall but depending on the installation they can be larger or smaller. Here’s one that hangs out in my studio….


For information, availability, pricing, shoot me an email. I’m happy to answer questions.

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