Archival Pigment Prints

Archival pigment printing is the premier technique for long lasting reproduction of paintings. To be totally honest, I don’t understand it very well but my incredibly talented print maker assures me it is the very best process. And I’ll just add that my style of painting looks grand reproduced through it.

I really like teeny editions. Depending on the piece, only 25 or 50 pigment prints are produced from a painting. I think that makes them extra special for those who desire to have one hanging on their wall.

24 x 30 Route 1 , Maine edition size: 50

I made frequent trips to the northeast when I was drawing for The New Yorker and Bon Appetit magazines. I was always looking for new subject matter which came to mean I always had piles of crazy items and scores of photos from my trips piled in my studio. I found this amazing antique store in Maine along Route 1.

Route 1, Maine

The pigment print comes ready to frame! 24 x 30 image on 100% archival rag paper. The price includes sales tax, shipping and handling. The print is signed and numbered and will be rolled for shipping.


“Florida Politics”

The 2000 Presidential Election seems like a minor debacle to what appears to be headed our way in the fall of 2020. Dangling chads was the culprit and Florida was key to the election a decade ago. This was my attempt to portray that messy situation in the most rightful way.

Florida Politics

18 x 24 pigment print on stretched canvas. This pigment print comes framed in a black, museum quality float frame ready to hang. The print is #3/25 …signed and numbered on the back. Shipping (in the U.S.A.) and sales tax are included in the price.


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