I am going to make a great attempt at being serious here…………….


“d.a.gordon dart creates a quiet peaceful world on her canvases. There is a nostalgic charm in her paintings that gives viewers a feeling of harmony and exhilaration.” Marcia Corbino, The Christian Science Monitor

My style is a blend of American primitive simplicity and the meticulous rendering of a technical illustrator.   It’s clean, tight, colorful and most of all, happy.

I started exhibiting my work in 1973 and my drawings began appearing in The New Yorker Magazine in 1975. Thanks Mom for pushing me to send a portfolio to them!!! My paintings have had a pretty good run – being shown nationally in galleries, juried shows, competitions and solo exhibits and my illustrations went beyond The New Yorker to show up on magazine covers, articles, books, more magazines, calendars, pamphlets, and advertisements for major periodicals and publishers.

Frustrated with painting in the mid 1990’s I added a third dimension to my work creating a 16 foot mild and stainless steel sculpture titled “Community“. It’s a public installation in Sarasota, Florida. The work depicts, in my ever so simple style, in story board form, the evolution of the black neighborhood of Overtown, better known as the Rosemary District.

In 2018 I made a gigantic move from the west coast of Florida to the west coast of California and now draw, paint and design sculpture in a fantastic studio with a view that is quite incredibly special. I remain a bit of an oddity having given up the agent, the artist rep and the galleries so I can create exactly what I want. This might suggest I have a slight control issue!

I realize I can’t do it all myself although I have tried. I “license” some of my work to companies I feel comfortable with. They produce the paper products and cards with my illustrations and silly things like mugs, aprons, pillows, buttons, etc. that no one really needs but we all seem to buy.

Best of all, I love what I do and I enjoy sharing it.