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Shop for some very cute baby/kid designs


Sarasota Florida Shop on Zazzle

Find neighborhood maps, vintage cards, and more!

Jay Hunsberger

Sarasota Orchestra’s principal tubist, inspirer for some wily illustrations and instigator of clever pranks!

Eco-Smart, Inc.

  d.a.gordon dart’s artwork embellishes the website of a leader in applying sustainable development principals and products.


This website is not only fun but it’s a terrific place for artists and their work!


d.a.gordon Dart’s page on

An exceptional neighborhood and the home of sculptures Walter – “Going Down” & “Coming Up.”

Florahome USA

A listing of Florida artists.  Where is Florahome, Florida anyway??


Connecting Sarasota’s citizens with initiatives that will make a difference in our lives!

Cedar Mountain Banjos

Cedar MTN Banjos

The most amazing banjos crafted by my nephew, Tim Gardner

ArtSource Studio

A state-of-the-art print studio.

National Trust for Historic Preservation

A great resource for historic preservation and heritage conservation.

Artist Portfolio

An online site listing artist’s and their work across the nation.


  Dart’s page on the infamous social network

Florida Directory of Businesses

Florida’s directory of businesses and artists.

John’s Wine Cellar

Sharing my passion for wine, travel notes & very favorite places! Gallery

“The world’s greatest virtual museum.”  It’s worth a visit!

Picture 1

Drawing awareness to The Sarasota School of Architecture

Sandra Boynton’s Delightful Creations!

“Moo, Baa, la la la”  and so much more!